Project star how to get arrows

We`re taking an examination of how you could get a Stand in Roblox Project Star! We additionally have the rarities of every of the Stands, so that you understand how tough your favorites may be to get! Roblox Project Star is the present-day anime RPG this is closely motivated by the famous manga and anime collection JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure. You may be heading into the sport seeking out new skills on the modded project Jojo Trello way to electricity up your character. Use those newly located abilities to combat effective monsters, and compete with different gamers for supremacy. If you`re looking to get a Stand, you may want to understand some matters first! We will manual you thru the system of having a Stand in Project Star.

Be certain to test out our put-up with maps for Project Star, so that you can discover ways to get around greater without difficulty whilst you are beginning out in the sport. It seems like there may be a few freebies to be had at a few points, we can have them indexed on our Project Star Codes page!

Stand Guide

To get a Stand in Project Star, you may want to discover one of the arrow sorts that may be located on the floor around Cairo city, which is the principal hub of the sport. These spawn randomly withinside the area, and also you must be capable of picking out them quite without difficulty after they appear.

Project Star capabilities more than one one-of-a-kind arrow, with the better rarity ones supplying you with a higher danger of getting an extraordinary Stand. Here`s a listing of the arrows that you could locate:

  • Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 1x)
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 1.5x)
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 2x)
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 100X)

These are organized from maximum not unusualplace to maximum rare. The better the rarity of the arrow, the higher danger you must have at getting a rarer to get Stand!

The Cursed Stand Arrow can best be received from the “D`arby Item Roll” in Dio`s Mansion.

When you operate an arrow, you may occasionally see it glow earlier than you stab yourself. If that`s the case, you'll be getting something rare. Whether or now no longer it an effective Stand and/or pores and skin on it. An instance of a sparkling arrow is proven below.

How to Remove a Stand

If you need to dispose of a Stand out of your character, you may want to apply an object referred to as the Rokakaka. These may be located in the equal manner you`ll locate Stand Arrows, they simply spawn at the floor across the city.

How to Store a Stand

If you need to keep a Stand for later, you could try this by heading to the Stand Storage Room which is positioned close to the center of Cairo and has a large purple Stand Arrow as a billboard. Go internal of the construction and communicate to one of the NPCs to save a Stand.

Project Star Stand Storage Image

You can best save 3 Stands at a time until you fork over a few Robux and buy the Game Pass that expands your inventory.  project star Trello There are you could buy, one is three hundred Robux and the opposite is 750 Robux. Each one simply offers you one more slot, so you will have most of the 5 slots at the moment.

All Stands & Rarities

These are the modern Stands that you could get in the sport, together with the rarity of them losing from an arrow.